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Vision, Values & Mission


To be recognised as a leading international literary festival delivering a unique bespoke programme of living authors in the inspiring environment of Enniscorthy, Co Wexford.


Passionate for literature to be Inspiring, Inclusive, Collaborative, Supporting and Encouraging,


Celebrating Wexford talent, deliver an international literary arts festival with an emphasis on promoting and awarding new writers across many genres. 

Provide a platform for writers to develop their skills and career developments through workshops and networking opportunities and an opportunity for reading enthusiasts to engage with favourite authors or discover new ones in unique locations around Enniscorthy Town and Wexford County.

Aims and Objectives


present and host a diverse programme of excellent literary events and fringe events at local, national and international level.


a community of literary artists at all stages of their development with a particular emphasis on supporting emerging writers.


the depth and breadth of the public’s engagement with literature growing participation across new target audiences with emphasis on social inclusion.


greater understanding and appreciation of Wexford Literary Festival and for Enniscorthy Wexford where the festival is located. 
Showcase living world-famous Wexfordian writers, nationally and from 2020, internationally via Online platforms.

Meet the Team


Richie Cotter


Maria Nolan


Jon King

Awards Administrator

Anne Gilpin

Drama Specialist and Judge

Carol Long

Social Media

Alanna Hammel


Colm Toibin

June Caldwell

Jarlath Glynn & 
Maura Flannery

Anthony Cronin

Margaret Galvin

JJ Kelly

Eoin Colfer

Caroline Busher

Paula Campbell

Billy Roche

Declan Demset

Fintan Kelly

History of Commitee

CHAIR and Committee 
The YEAR indicates the year in which the Festival occurred. The Committee is created at the end of the previous year’s Festival.2013       Niall Wall; Maria Nolan (Sec); Richie Cotter (Treasurer); Paul O’Reilly; Anne Gilpin; Jarlath Glynn; Colum Cooney; Mairead Linneen with Denis Collins. (Art). Event known as Words in Wexford.2014      Jarlath Glynn; Maria Nolan (Sec); Richie Cotter (Treasurer); Anne Gilpin; Carmel Harrington; Cathy Keane; Colum Coomey; Mairead Linneen with Denis Collins (Art). Re-named Focal.2015   Carmel Harrington; Maria Nolan (Sec); Richie Cotter (Treasurer); Anne Gilpin; Roger Harrington (PRO); Jarlath Glynn; Cat Hogan; Caroline Busher. Festival “founded” as Wexford Literary Festival.2016   Carmel Harrington; Maria Nolan (Sec); Richie Cotter (Treasurer);  Caroline Busher; (Vice-Chair);  Cat Hogan; Jarlath Glynn; Paul O’Reilly;  Cathy Keane; Allison Martin.2017   Carmel Harrington; Maria Nolan (Sec); Richie Cotter (Treasurer);  Caroline Busher (Vice-chair);  Jarlath Glynn;  Allison Martin; Sheila Forsey ; Tina Callaghan; John J. Kelly.2018   Carmel Harrington; Maria Nolan (Sec); Richie Cotter (Treasurer);  Caroline Busher (Vice-chair);  Anne Gilpin (June, Vice-Treasurer and Award Administrator); Sheila Forsey ; Carol Long; Shane Dunphy; Nov 2018 -Jan 2019  Caroline Busher.2019- 2020   Richard “Richie” Cotter; Maria Nolan (Sec); Anne Gilpin (Treasurer and Award Administrator);  Carol Long (Meet the Publisher); Edel Kelly; Elizabeth Whyte; Roisin Williams ( Social Media).2021   Richard “Richie” Cotter; Maria Nolan (Sec); Jonathon King (Treasurer);  Anne Gilpin (Award Administrator); ; Carol Long (Meet the Publisher, Judge) ;  Roisin Williams ( Social Media). From May, Zeff Ryder (Technical and Web management) and Álanna Hammel (Instragram); Edel Kelly (until May).


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