Wexford literary arts festival

Wexford Literary Arts
Festival 2022

2023 Announcement

Wexford Literary Arts Festival, after a very successful 10 years of the festival, l we are taking a well-earned rest for 2023.
There will not be any competitions this year.
Thank you for your support and we will be back in 2024 with a new-looking festival. 


A Lifetime of Creativity

Our Awards are named to honour contemporary Wexfordian authors who have achieved literary acclaim in their field nationally and internationally. These include stories, plays, poetry and children’s stories, art and spoken word.

Over the years, attributable to their success as a placegetter, many have achieved book deals, self-published, achieved Grants to support their writing, been honoured with residencies in Universities as authors, and gained professional appointments in their field.

There are no limits to the number entries per person. It is all “blind read’ to ensure there is no bias toward “recognised” authors. Your place with an Award is solely based on your literary work as compared to all your peers who entered the same year.

Each competition has three places: third to first, except the children’s stories that has a first place only. The first place position is the Award Winner. Each of the place getters will receive their advertised monetary award electronically into their accounts within 5 working days.

We accept entries world-wide between 1st February and the 1st May according to the published criteria. The nominal fee and the grant by Wexford County Council pays for the administration, mainly the prizes and Judges Fees, of these Exciting competitions.

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Wexford Literary Arts Festival 2022

The festival aims to attract national and international writers and readers and lovers of literature to gather and enjoy its eclectic programme of readings, workshops and awards events as well as unique fringe events including exhibitions, music and drama performances set around the picturesque historic town of Enniscorthy.



Wexford Literary Arts Festival 2022 || Competition Awards Ceremony

Wexford Literary Festival Award Shortlist and Winners 2021

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